Reducing food waste. Saving lives.

NGO Tarilka. We are the first Foodbank in Ukraine. Started 2019 in Lviv.

Our Story

Based on the numbers from the State Statistics Committee, last year, one third of Ukrainians earned an income below the poverty threshold. But there is other statistics—Ukrainians throw away almost 30% of the food they purchase. Those are ordinary families, let alone food stores and public dining facilities, which have clear requirements for disposal of food products approaching the end of their shelf life.

Thats why we created the first real foodbank in Ukraine. We can fight two problems at the same time – the foodwaste and the poverty problem.

The Founder and Managing Director, Rostyslav Kosyura, started on his own in this project, but was soon able to gather a good, dynam and realiable team.

The Team counts right now 40 people, and everybody works for free, for the greater cause.

Our Team

How our Foodbank works today

We started in September 2019 and during this time we: 

  • Gathered a strong team to work on a volunteer basis on the development of “Tarilka,” reducing food waste in Ukraine and helping the socially disadvantaged groups; 
  • Have obtained from the local authorities the place for our social shop, having passed all bureaucratic procedures; 
  • We have started the renovation of our Center “Tarilka” and continue to work to make it the meeting place where retirees, low-income people can get free food. 

In addition to the direct activities of “Tarilka,” we launched two additional projects: 

  • GreenCompany,” which focuses on promoting environmental responsibility among businesses and society; 
  • Association of Charitable Organizations,” which, in fact, unite various public initiatives of Lviv to help the poor people. 

During the corona crisis, we had many obstacles to open a social store.

Nevertheless, we have started now our volunteers collect everyday food in the supermarkets, the expiration date of which is coming to an end, and pass it on to other organizations to send these products to low-income people. 

We have received a lot of support from the society and from businesses, but we need financial assistance to implement our plans and develop the first food bank in Ukraine in the future. We need to complete the renovation of our place, buy a car to transport the products, provide operating costs. Every penny is valuable to us – we will be very grateful for your help. 

Your Donation will change everything


We are happy about every penny.


Everybody can make the difference, Join us!


You want to donate products or knowledge to us?

How to donate us money from abroad

You got two different ways to help us with a donation:

1. PayPal transfer on the account of our founder Rostyslav Kosyura

As PayPal does not exist in Ukraine, NGO Tarilka cannot have its own PayPal Account. Therefore we use the account of our Founder Rostyslav Kosyura, who is also a German Citizen. This is by far the best way, because by using PayPal, we are able to get the money without any fees, which is important for us. Still, we can guarantee a donation receipt.

If you choose PayPal, follow the link: www.paypal.me/kosyura

2. Transfer on the official NGO Tarilka Account

You can also transfer your donation to our official bank account in Ukraine. One point has to be mentioned, that we, NGO Tarilka, will have to pay a big fee for the donation. In addition, we will have to change the transfered money into the ukrainian currency “Hryvnia” on a really bad exchange cours, and there we will also loose money. Still, we will be happy to receive any money via any way you will choose to support us.
Here are the credentials:

Company Name: ТАРIЛКА ГО 

IBAN Code: UA773253210000026007053775476




Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401 

SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF 

Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

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